Ethical Hacking Course

Computer Security – Basics:


Hacker & Cracker

Attacker & Victim

Types of Security

File Securing Techniques

ASCII Code – making a folder invisible

Network Security:

IANA, Allotment of IP Address

IPv4 & Ipv6

IP Address – Basic, Detecting

Ping & Ping Sweep

Tools (Ping Sweeping)

Nmap, SuperScan

Foot-Printing Techniques

Trace Router

Detecting Victim’s OS

Detecting Firewall


Domain Name and DNS:


Registrar, Registry, Registrant

Top Level Domains

Lifecycle of gTLD

Whois info

Domain and Hosting Panels

Counterfeit / Gibberish domain



Email Security:

Email Threats

Hacking Mailing Clients (Outlook &Thunderbird)

Mail Pass View

Email Forging (Sending Fake mails)


B3y0nd e-bomber

Email Headers

419 scam


Mx Toolbox

Finding details of recipient


Chatting Messenger:


Instant Messenger threats

Hacking using Google Hangout &

Yahoo Messenger

Stealing recipients IP Address

Case study


Port Scanning:

Type of Ports

Virtual Port numbers

Detecting Open Ports

Tools to carry out Port Scanning

Anti-Port scanning tools

Curr-Port Manager


Intellectual Property Theft:


Types of Malware

Trojan attack & countermeasure

Case study

Keylogger working & countermeasure

Testing FUD

NSA Prism Monitoring System study

Steganography and Steganalysis

Using S-Tools & Camouflage

Identity Attacks:


Staying Anonymous

Proxy Servers

Proxy Bouncing

IP Proxy

Top level Anonymity

Tor browser

Password Cracking & Prevention:


Password Cracking Techniques

Dictionary Based Attack

Brute force Attack

Cracking Word file, PDF, zip & rar passwords

Cracking Facebook and Gmail passwords

Countermeasures for users

Countermeasures for System Administrators

Mobile Phone & online Apps



Hacking chatting apps (WeChat & Whatsapp)

Hacking online database portals (YellowPages & JustDial)

Spying through cell phone

Call Spoofing

SMS Spamming

Other types of Attack:

Input Validation Attack

Buffer Overflow Attack

Batch file scripting

DOS & DDOS Attacks

HoneyPots, 0day

Social Engineering Attacks

Website Hacking:

Hacking & finding Loop holes using Google

Finding Control panel of Websites

Breaking Cpanel

Defacing Website

Database Hacking, SQL Injection Attack

Web Jacking

Advance Hacking:

Opening blocked website

Phishing Technique

Social networking account hacking (Facebook)

Google Dorks

Finding vulnerabilities on websites

How Bank Account hacking / illegal Money Transfer works (prevention and security)


Recording activities on computer

Making own Virus

Internet Abuse Complaint & Reporting:

419 scam

Spamming email ID

Spamvertised domain


Phishing websites

Malware websites

Inappropriate content on website

Whois inaccuracy

Privacy Protected domains

Cyber Stalking

Fake profiles

Child Pornography

Credit Card Frauds

Cyber Law and Consulting:

What is Cyber Law

Cyber Space

Problems in Cyber Law

Types of Crimes

IT Act, 2000


Trademark & Copyright Infringement

Central Acts & State Acts

Earning Money Online:

Blogs & Websites

Adsense & Adwords

SEO & traffic generators

Alexa & Google PR improvement & Affiliate Marketing